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Welcome, soldier, glad you found us! Iím Camo Kid, the hostess of this canteen. Come on in and take a look around! The bandís on break now but thereís plenty to do while youíre waiting for the dancing to start up again. You can read, send mail home, grab some goodies (the refreshments are here by the door), or just kick back and catch up with old friends. There are some great guys from the 361st here today. Iím sure youíll want to meet up with Ďem. So for starters, help yourself to a sandwich or two, some cookies, and a bottle of Nehi then go have a little fun. And if you have any questions, donít hesitate to give me a holler, just click on @, Iíll be around.


IMPORTANT INFO HERE! This place is run for love, not money. Iím happy to share what Iíve collected with you and youíre welcome to download and take what youíd like for PERSONAL USE ONLY! Just be sure to download to your own hard drive and not steal my bandwidth by linking directly. Please put them on your own server. Just right click and ďSave AsĒ to your own computer - have fun! Absolutely NO COMMERCIAL USE is permitted with the material here. (That means donít use this stuff to make money.) Which brings me to the copyright thing. Combat! is owned by ABC Television, who could probably get after me if they really wanted but, hey guys, this is just intended as a place for fans to celebrate the show. So Iím throwiní myself on your mercy, okay? Thanks! And that goes for any other copyright mess-ups Iíve made. The bulk of the material here is over 30 years old but for most of the stuff after 1980 that Iím aware is copyrighted, Iíve obtained permission for use.