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You mean there were other shows on Tuesday night besides Combat?! Well, we knew THE place to rendezvous on a Tuesday night was ABC and the time - 19:30! (Okay, you mid-westerners had to hurry up with dinner to make it by 18:30 but hey, at least you didnít have to go to bed half-way through the show like SOME of us did!)

Here are some TV line-ups and listings from 1962-1967, the Combat! years. Check out the lead-in shows, the competition, and some of your other favorite Tuesday night shows.

Important Note! For viewing and printing instructions, see note on Articles of War Page.

Season One (62-63) - The full line-up for the 1962-63 season. (TV Guide, Sept. 15-21 1962)

Season One (62-63) - Combatís debut. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sept. 30 - Oct. 6 1962)

Season One (62-63) - Tuesday night listing. (TV Guide, June 15-21, 1963)

Season Two (63-64) - Tuesday night listing. (TV Guide, May 9-15, 1964)

Season Three (64-65) - Tuesday night listing.
(TV Guide, Oct. 10-16, 1964)

Season Four (65-66) - Tuesday night listing. (TV Guide, Oct. 2-8, 1965)

Season Five (66-67) - Tuesday night listing. (TV Guide, April 15-21, 1967)

A couple of goofy things for those of us who areÖuhÖ kinda goofy:

1963 Tuesday night line-up according to Mad Magazine.

Completely off-topic very silly ad from the Oct. 10-16 1965 TV Guide. (Shoot! I missed out on the chance to make my friends gasp with awe and delight! Hope you didnít pass this one up, too.)