Combat Addiction   How can you tell if your love of Combat has gone too far? 2 pages, August 1999
Denouement   The war is finally over. 7 pages, October 1999.
Miles to Go   Promises have been made, but can they be kept? 53 pages, October 1999.
Home Is Where the Letters Go   Saunders addresses issues at home through a series of letters, 12 pages, November 1999.
Out of Sight, Out of Mind   Where is Saunders? Hanley knows, but he can't remember. 23 pages, August 2000.
The Interrogation   An irreverent poem, 1999
Journey / Meetings  In 2000, Foxhole Filly wrote a story, Journey.  After reading it on the Internet, PFC was inspired to write a sequel, her first Combat story.  She called it Meetings. PFC shared it with Filly, who adored it, and both agreed that the two stories needed to be joined as one.  And so Journey/Meetings was born, as was a long, dear friendship. Enjoy.  April 2000
The Crater   A challenge story written for Scout, 3 pages, Oct. 2000
Adolf   Kirby has a battlefield encounter with a "Kraut", 5 pages, Dec. 2000
What're you doing New Years?   Billy must break a new year's resolution, 7 pages, Jan. 2001
Remembrance   An adult Combat! romance. Not intended for children. 28 pages, Jan. 2001
The Valentine   Hey what can I say? It's Vic's birthday! 7 pages, Feb. 14, 2001
My Brother's Keeper   Saunders and Billy are in a desperate situation, 15 pages, April 2001
Ginette   Another adult Combat! love story, not meant for children. 15 pages, July 15, 2001
The Farmer's Daughter   A wounded Kirby meets a special lady. 16 pages, Nov 12, 2001
Buddies   A squad adventure told in poem form. 4 pages, Jan. 2002
Voices   Dedicated to Phil Overton, my dad, February 18, 1919 - Feb. 14, 2001. Posted Feb. 2002
Attitude   Saunders is sick, the squad is trapped, and a shavetail is in charge. Posted Sep. 2002
Best Little Job In The Whole Danged Army (Pt. 1) (Pt. 2)   Saunders, Caje, and Kirby take on a delicate mission guarding USO girls. - 100 pages, written in 2000, posted in Nov. 2006
Madness   Dedicated to our favorite heroes and the fanfic writers who love to hurt them soooooo bad! 9 pages, 2003.
Buddy System   10 pages, Nov. 2006
The Mark Of A Man   Explores Saunders' youth and what made him the man he is. 20 pages, Nov. 2006
Coffee Klatch   Saunders and Hanley kill a few hours on the last day of the year 1944. 9 pages, Dec. 2006

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