Bonjour.  My name is Lyne Tremblay, also known as PFC, here in the squad.

These are the stories I have written so far.  Hope you enjoy them!

Journey / Meetings In 2000, Foxhole Filly wrote a story, Journey.  After reading it on the Internet, I was inspired to write a sequel, my first Combat story.  I called it Meetings. I shared it with Filly, who adored it, and we both agreed that the two stories needed to be joined as one.  And so Journey/Meetings was born, as was a long friendship. Enjoy.   --  Posted April 2000.

Billy's letter (to his mom) is my fanfic gift for mother's day to all of you squad members.  Billy becomes separated from the squad during a mission and must face a different kind of enemy.  Hope you like it.    -- Posted May 2000.

For The Glory Saunders and Hanley attempt to rescue a wounded GI in German territory.   -- Posted June 2000.

Countdown is my attempt at taking the Memorial Day challenge.  Here's a description to refresh anyone who'd like to know what it is. Thanks, Anze! Saunders, Doc, and a wounded Caje are pinned down near an abandoned château.   -- Posted September 2000.

The Replacement Kirby arrives at King Company. The squad will need the help of this special new soldier.   -- Posted October 2000.

The Mark of the Corpsman was written as an extension of "Barrage".  The corpsman in this story of course, is Doc.  -- Posted Nov. 2000.

The Dragon's Den finds Saunders and the squad trapped in a German bunker with a dangerous prisoner. -- Posted Jan. 2001.

Billy's Postscript is a letter to his father describing an incident in a deserted town. -- Posted Mar. 2001

Force of Arms is a story about courage and determination in war. -- Posted June 2001

The Enemy's Line - Kirby must hold out under brutal torture or risk the lives of the squad. -- Posted Oct. 2001

Pontdieu - With Caje trapped under a beam and Sarge wounded, Kirby and Grady Long are locked in a fight to rescue them. -- Posted Mar. 2002

Billy's Escape - Billy writes to his parents, telling them of his struggles after escaping from Captain Steiner's prison compound. -- Posted Jun. 2002 

The Hunted is a sequel to The Hunter and finds Sarge trying to bring back a wounded Kirby. -- Posted Feb. 2003.

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